Day 4:  While I could easily read about all of these things below, they would never have the same impact for me as experiencing them in person… here are the top 10 ways I have been enlightened with knowledge so far this week:

10:  I now understand why Fr. Moreau is called “Blessed” and the difference between beatification and canonization

9:  Finally, I recognize the difference between Fr. Moreau and Fr. Sorin’s roles in history.  Who sent whom, their differences in strengths and personalities, and could probably actually now recite to someone else the basics about the the beginnings of the University of Notre Dame

8:  I now get what is meant when we talk about Christ’s “Sacred Heart” and why the heart carries such symbolism in the Holy Cross charism

7:  After years of misunderstanding, Fr. John made it clear why in Catholicism we pray to the saints, not that they can answer prayers, but for our intercession just as we would ask one another person to pray for us

6:  Where the name “Holy Cross” was derived from as the given name for the congregation

5:  The difference between a church, a chapel, a shrine and a cathedral

4:  How Fr. Moreau envisioned the triad of priests, brothers and sisters being a reflection of the Holy Family

3:  Why Fr. Moreau had such a passion for education

2; The many unique and symbolic correlations that are here in France and at Notre Dame in the US

1:  Understanding Fr. Moreau’s entire goal in life was to strive to be more Christ-like

Written by LoriAnn Edinborough