Over the last week I have enjoyed the many hours I have spent with my fellow pilgrims. Many of us have taken pictures at each location we have traveled. At times we looked more like tourists than pilgrims.

Within our parishes, we hear about sharing our “talents and treasure.” This pilgrimage provided a real-life reminder of how we are all provided a gift from God — talent.

Coming on this pilgrimage, I thought I had a pretty decent talent related to photography. Over the last few days I have learned that Rebecca, Mark, and Nhat have much more talent than me when it comes to photography.  I found myself asking advice from these three pilgrims about angles, lighting, and camera settings so I could refine my talents and take better pictures.  In just a few short days, I have learned a few new skills that I look forward to expanding in the future. The fruits of our labor will be shared on our photo gallery once we return to campus and have a faster WIFI connection to upload the hundreds of pictures we have taken.

More importantly, as I return to campus, I will commit to find specific ways to better share my talents with others to help them grow and serve others.

Written by Ryan Willerton