I guess that time truly does fly when you’re having fun…as we depart for Paris and the end of our adventure all I can say is WOW! Spirits are flying high and it seems like we just got here.

There are sooooo many moments that we have shared that range from being spiritual and reflective to just plain laughing with each other about flaming desserts, creaky floors in our rooms to how delicious and abundant the baguettes!

Our travels yesterday accomplished many of my personal goals. I have gained a better understanding of who Fr. Moreau and Fr. Sorin were and how/why they were called to come to Indiana. Fathers John, Ralph, Frank and Tiphaine have been outstanding teachers!

Meeting the Pilgrims who came to Notre Dame this spring was also great! They were so kind, hospitable and  grateful to see and connect us.

Again, hard to believe that we have been here for almost a week and it is already Friday and we have only two days left. I am excited to see what lies ahead and so grateful and honored to be a part of this pilgrimage with some old and now some new Notre Dame friends.

God Bless.

Written by Mark Williams