We have shared meals and conversations, wine and laughter. We have adventured together to new places, where awe and wonderment can only begin to describe how we feel about the many pilgrimage sites we have seen. Many new friendships have been formed, both with my fellow pilgrims and with those individuals that have shared pieces of our journey with us. We will continue to share memories with one another from a once in a lifetime pilgrimage that will last forever.

I am ever so grateful for the many blessings this journey has given all of us.
I feel that this pilgrimage has provided us with a refreshed and renewed spirit of MIND and HEART to continue the work that was started so many years ago by Father Moreau, Father Sorin, and the many others of Holy Cross that had a hand in shaping the path and vision for Notre Dame du Lac.  This journey has offered us moments of the ZEAL of Father Sorin, to fuel our desire, to share our talents, and to help one another along our path in life.  Together as pilgrims, we have added new members to our FAMILY from around the world by rejoicing in each other and our faith community, and it has provided me with a newfound HOPE in God’s promise of the Kingdom.

With love and many blessings to all of you!

Written by Heather Grocke-Saunders