As we have been wandering through the city of Le Mans, I have been enamored with the doors to the shops and homes, imagining what is beyond the other side. Many are painted in vibrant colors with impeccable word work and detailed frames, knockers and handles.

The ancient doors of Le Mans are a reminder to us to open the doors of our hearts to receive the Holy Spirit. We began this journey eager for a renewed enthusiasm in our faith. As we venture to Chartes, Paris and eventually home, may we always remember the doors of Le Mans and be inspired to never to close ourselves off from Christ and one another.

Written by Lauren Donahue



On Tuesday morning we began our day finishing up our tour of the Shrine of Blessed Basil Moreau before we said Mass as community around Fr. Moreau’s tomb. I found myself reflecting upon how Moreau had a deep devotional prayer life and a sense of direction  in his ministry. My prayer and reflection then led me to further ponder my own sense of purpose as a Christian and in my ministry as Rector of Cavanaugh Hall.

This question lingered in my mind throughout the afternoon as we visited Fr. Sorin’s  hometown. Fr. Sorin was a visionary and just like Fr. Moreau, he had a deep devotional prayer life. Both Fr. Moreau and Fr. Sorin achieved so much in their lifetimes.  As we gathered to pray around the baptismal font where Fr. Sorin was baptized, I continued to pray and reflect on this desire I have for a stronger sense of direction, a vision, and fearlessness to do the Lord’s work.

As I was praying and looking at the baptismal font, I was reminded that because of my baptism I am called to holiness, to trust in Christ’s wisdom and surrender my heart to Christ’s love.  My eyes were drawn to the small keyhole on the copper cover and in that moment I realized that  the key to our success in developing a deeper sense of direction and fulfillment in our ministry is to return to our baptismal promises. We must take the time to stop and listen to God in order to develop a routine of prayer where we converse with God and hear his calling. Fr Moreau valued solitude and introspection. This was the foundation upon which both Fr. Moreau and Fr. Sorin oriented their ministry.

Through prayer they heard the voice of God and developed their visions for the Congregation of Holy across and the University of Notre Dame, both to become powerful sources of goodness in this world. I look forward to visiting more grace filled places along this journey so that I may hear God’s voice and the ways he is calling me to serve.

Written by Lauren Donahue