My very own music video

Haha, well technically it’s not a music video, since I made it for a production class, and the assignment was to make a narrative silent film. But really, it’s basically a music video.

What have I learned while making this?

1. It’s hard to be creative.

2. It’s hard to edit a music track (the original was 10 min long).

3. Indie artists are the best. “Can I edit your song and use it in my video?”; “Sure, let us know how it goes!”

So why am I posting this here? Well, for one, I’m quite proud of it, even if it makes no sense. For another, I’m just trying to share one of my favorite bands. I mean, you’ve heard me say several times that indie music is the way to go, and I really think it is, for various reasons (see previous posts). The problem is, being indie, well… no one’s heard of any of them!

So yes, I’m ending this on a positive note. Get out there and discover some artists! Try here, or here, or even here, if you’re feeling adventurous. Listen to them, like them, support them.

So long.

6 thoughts on “My very own music video

  1. Dark, unexpected, well-produced. Captions too cute for the theme?

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