Center for the Homeless

1. The Center for the Homeless is seeking a student(s)to assist our coaches in a project aimed at tightening the connections between former guests and the Center; the student(s) would work with the coach to prepare a survey of the needs of our outreach clients and then conduct the survey. Based on the results, the student(s)and coach would devise means to carry them out in an effective manner.
2. The Center for the Homeless is seeking a student(s) to help in our data collection and analysis area; we would like to enhance especially our analytic skills to know more and more in depth about the needs our guests have; this would also involve better demographic interpretation. The student would work with a data specialist and coaches to prepare and conduct special surveys, and then seek means to carry out our mission in a better manner.
3. The Center for the Homeless seeks a student(s) to help in our development area – by assisting to thank our donors properly; by researching best practices in non-profit fundraising; by analyzing our current efforts in this general area, especially in our car donations program.  The student(s) would also assist our events coordinator with special events we sponsor.

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