LOGAN Center

The mission of LOGAN is to support people with developmental disabilities in achieving their desired quality of life.  Community Based Learning opportunities offer students and the people of LOGAN the chance to connect in meaningful ways. At LOGAN, we work with the professors and students to tailor experiences. Some past experiences include:

  • Through EPICS, engineering students have specially adapted toys for children with physical challenges and in turn taught therapists and parents how to make these adaptations.
  • Through the University Writing Program, students wrote life stories of individuals, interviewing them and piecing together their lives in story format so that even those who have no family or are deemed less important by society, can be validated and ‘live on’.
  • Students from the Disability Awareness Seminar beautified LOGAN Industries, framing client artwork. They taught photography and featured photos taken by clients in an art show on campus and even held a theater production with a cast of people with and without disabilities.

These are just some of the CBL projects at LOGAN. We would be thrilled to work together to design experiences to suit curriculum goals.

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