New Recording Feature in Zoom!

Today, Wednesday, May 25, the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) has introduced a new feature to the Zoom audio and video conference service. Any Zoom cloud recording will be automatically moved to your Google Drive space after 48 hours.

This feature provides an excellent solution to save important conferences because Zoom cloud space has a limit on conference duration, capacity, and number of views. You can share and store your meeting recordings without limits from Google Drive.

The feature will share a folder with the meeting host called ‘[netID] Zoom meetings’. A set of recordings (.mp4, .mp3, and .txt file) for each meeting will be in a separate folder. You can easily locate your meetings by:

  • Using the Folder sharing notification to your email

  • Searching for ‘Zoom Meeting” in your Google Drive

Use the Google sharing feature to share the folder or an individual file with others. You can also add your meetings folder to your My Drive space. For additional information, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 574-631-8111, or chat online at:

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  1. Grant Mudge
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    to me
    Amanda, we’ve loved this—and were delighted by how easily we could skim through and play back the recordings. Thank you! -Grant

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