Beginning to Listen

For the past few days I have reviewed my previous Arabic books to study the colloquial form of Arabic provided. Up until now, my Arabic classes have focused on the Modern Standard Arabic portion of the books, yet the Egyptian and Jordanian dialects of Arabic have been written alongside the formal Arabic this entire time. Of the three books we used, I’m only up to the second chapter of the second book, so that leaves eighteen more chapters for this second book and another few chapters we covered in the third book. A very long road ahead. As my goal is to test into the highest level of Arabic I can (yet this test only focuses on Standard Arabic, so obviously by practicing the Jordanian dialect instead of focusing solely on Standard Arabic my ultimate goal reaches beyond that) I definitely need a lot more practice. Today was the first day that I really started using the listening practice for the Jordanian dialect. I’m proud to say that by the second and third times through, I understood most of what they were saying! Getting used to how they say words will certainly be a challenge, but after staring at and writing the Jordanian version of certain words for the past few days, it felt very liberating to hear those words as they were intended and to see the circumstances, which included body language and emotion, in which they were used. I have much practice to do, but I also have made great strides in these last few days, so I expect these last two weeks to be very productive.

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  1. That’s fantastic, Brandon. Keep up the work on the Jordanian dialect. You are well on your way!

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