New Classroom Makes Learning Easier

As a student, there is nothing more frustrating than feeling lost in class. Students often do not  realize how confused they are until they try to tackle their homework or their exams, and professors often do not detect this confusion until they are grading exams. The DeBartolo B011 classroom integrates technology thus allowing the professor to monitor student work and provide targeted feedback.

The classroom has a central cluster of computer monitors surrounded by tables and eight monitors mounted around the perimeter of the room.  These eight monitors can be controlled individually by wireless keyboards, allowing students to work on problems. The professor can easily see if anyone is struggling and can intervene during the learning exercise.  Walls function as dry erase boards from floor to ceiling, and faculty and students can use this space to brainstorm, make notes, or otherwise augment the content on the digital screens.

When the professor sees work that is a good example for the class it is easily pulled up onto the monitors clustered in the center of the room through a Crestron touch panel. This allows the professor to focus on an individual monitor without disrupting any of the student screens. The Crestron system also makes it simple to switch between the Mac and PC operating systems without rebooting, saving valuable class time to really focus on problems. It is as if B011 were designed to help us confused students!

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