One Button Studio Proof-of-Concept

We’re happy to report good progress on our One Button Studio project.  One Button Studio is project that originated at Penn State, and we’re preparing to install a prototype studio here at Notre Dame, in cooperation with the Hesburgh Libraries.

One Button Studios are intended to be a self-service video recording studio where faculty and students can create content quickly.  Faculty can create short videos for their courses, and students can practice presentations, just to mention a couple common examples.

Imagine a student walks into the studio, inserts a flash drive into the OBS computer, and the software begins a countdown on the computer screen.  The student walks to the designated mark in front of the camera and begins presenting when the countdown reaches zero.  When the student is done, he or she walks over to the computer, presses a big button, and waits a few seconds for the video to be transferred to the flash drive.  At that point the student takes the flash drive and leaves the studio.  Easy.

Below are a few pictures from the other day when we moved the OBS equipment into DeBartolo Hall B011 and created a working proof-of-concept.  Kudos to Charles Barbour for driving this project forward.

camera_light comp_and_camera screen

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