NewTech ’12 Student Open House

Friday, February 3, 2012
2:00-5:00 PM
Basement of DeBartolo Hall

Yes, DeBartolo Hall has a basement! Didn’t know that did you? Well, come downstairs on Friday, February 3, 2012 from 2:00-5:00 PM to explore the Academic Technologies Lab and the new classroom. Add this event to your calendar.

We have a lot of new learning technologies, including the Kindle Fire, Gigapan, Siftables, and more. We are also beginning to look into Apple TV/Airplay, so come and join us in part of the process. For those who weren’t able to make it the Student Open House last year, the technologies showcased will still be there, including some Kinect games. Snacks will be provided.

Apple Seminar: Software Development for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Steve Hayman, Apple Consulting Engineer, is traveling to the Chicago-area to discuss and demonstrate Apple’s software development tools for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and demonstrate how individuals and institutions are building innovative mobile applications for their organizations. He’ll highlight and deconstruct some popular applications, both web-based and native, and discuss how to get started building applications with Apple’s free developer tools. He will cover web development with Dashcode, native application development with Xcode and InterfaceBuilder, and review the integration and deployment options and Apple’s developer program (and if the presenter messes up, he may end up demonstrating the debugger as well).



Steve Hayman is a National Consulting Engineer for Apple’s US Education Sales group, based in Toronto. After graduating from Waterloo with an M. Math in 1986, he earned his “hacker credentials” as a Unix network manager for UW and Indiana University. Steve joined NeXT Computer in 1991, attracted by NeXT’s blend of a powerful Unix core with a great graphical interface. Apple acquired NeXT and the NEXTSTEP operating system evolved into Mac OS X. A frequent speaker at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, his speaking topics for Apple include Unix, the Mac OS X developer tools and Cocoa, AppleScript Studio and iPhone OS developer environments.


Virtual Learning Showcase: Exploring Microsoft Surface for Teaching and Learning

Microsoft Surface promotes active learning, collaborative exploration, and real-time feedback. At this session, Jon Crutchfield highlighted Surface pilots under way at the University of Notre Dame involving collaboration among undergraduate students, faculty members, and staff members in the following disciplines and departments: business, engineering, geography, library, science, and information technology. He displayed how the Microsoft Surface enables new modes of human-computer interaction and learning including interacting with physical and digital elements in the periodic table, exploring the history of buildings on campus, and creating new learning strategies and modalities using interactive gaming.


Notre Dame: ND MacDev TimeLimit Utility

At the LabMan 2009 Conference hosted by Notre Dame, Jeffrey Hanrahan presented two sessions about a Macintosh Xcode Application named TimeLimit. This application runs in the background and provides a means to properly log out a user after a pre-determined period of time and/or a pre-determined amount of idle time (no movement of the mouse or keyboard). It will log out a user even if there are any unsaved documents and if system messages are pending. There were a number of feature requests and enhancements requested by the conference attendees throughout the sessions and we are pleased to say that they have been added to the application. The TimeLimit application, and others, can be downloaded at our Code Repository page.


“Building Your Own Low-Cost Lecture Capture System”

Every year, AcademiX holds 4 annual conferences sponsored by Apple around the nation. Each conference holds a poster session, where each poster will be judged and prizes given to the top three. The Academic Technologies team won the second-place award for their poster, titled “Building Your Own Low-Cost Lecture Capture System”, which highlighted a lecture capture system that streamlines live event recording and automatic uploading to iTunes U. For finishing in second place out of a total of 12 entries, the presenters Jeff Hanrahan, Xiaojing Duan, and Paul Turner received an Apple MacBook laptop.