Campus Scavenger Hunt 2012 Part 1

You’re from . . . [Russia, China, Iran, Korea, Mali, Spain, Chile, Japan, Armenia, Cameroon, or Taiwan], and today is your first day in the United States, in South Bend, Indiana, and on the beautiful campus of the University of Notre Dame.

You’ve joined ISSA’s ESL class to learn English and meet friends.   It’s your first class, and you’re receiving your first English assignment.  And what is your first assignment – a Scavenger Hunt for Notre Dame’s campus.  Not only do we have to find campus landmarks, we also have to request the signatures of the ND students who will help us find our landmarks!  Oh, the agony of having to speak English with strangers!!  But our class banded together and off we went, cameras, assignment sheet, dictionaries and maps in hand.  We walked, we talked, we asked directions, we snapped lots of photos –- and we not only became acquainted with the campus, we also became friends!

Here are some of our photos and comments from the members of Dr. Beverly Wills’ Developing ESL Class.


Asaka Tanaka – Japan

Here I am, doing the “Heart Gesture” with my fellow ESL friends in front of the Rolfs Sports Recreation Center.  We had just finished scavenger hunting, and we were expressing our happiness with our “Heart Gesture”.  Everybody, exercise in Notre Dame’s Rolfs Sports Recreation Center – it’s terrific!


Chen-Hsuan Wu – Taiwan

How about take a rest!  Reading a book or having a cup of coffee, chatting with friends outside the Hammes Bookstores is always the best choice!

Chen Hsuan and her friends


Christiane Badaro – Brazil

If you have any questions about crime prevention and safety, go to the Notre Dame Security Police Office; they will answer all questions. My friends and I received important tips there. The slogan is “Crime Prevention Begins with You!”

Christiane and her Friends Getting Tips in the ND Security Police Office


Dania Di Cosmo Hidalgo – Chile

In this photo we are Consuelo, Shruthi, me and Francisca. We are at the main desk in the building Rolfs Sports Recreation Center; this is a great place for exercise and recreation daily. For example, the center has different types of exercise machines and an indoor track for running (great for rainy days or snow). Best of all: with your IDcard of Student Spouse you can access free!!

Mi~Dania And New Friends In A Good Place To Break The Routine

Hyun Jung Hwang –  South Korea

The Hesburgh Library mural is known as “Touchdown Jesus”, and it faces the football stadium. In this 14-story building, you can not only study and borrow books but you can also find nice people who are eager to help you find what you want.

The Hesburgh Library

Joanna Grodzka – Poland

After her arrival in South Bend mid-August, the University of Notre Dame was delighted to have Joanna explore the charming alleys and courtyards of the main campus by bike. A professional ND photographer was right on the spot to capture these historical moments with his camera. Here, he perpetuated Joanna in front of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, the heart of Notre Dame academic life.

Notre Dame Welcomes Joanna to its Cyclist Team


Kimiko Mimoto – Japan

In the Center for Social Concerns, we can study and enjoy complimentary coffee! We will go to such a nice place and do our assignments!

Kimiko and Glorious Fellows at the Center for Social Concerns 

Mashid Mosavat – Iran

I learned some facts about the Golden Dome; the Dome has been made of real gold.  OMG!

The Scavenger Hunters Find Gold!

Najmeh Khalili – Iran

My friends, Mi-Jung, Darmin, Hyun Jin, Christiane and I were looking for someone to take a photo of us after visiting the Saint Liam Hall Office in Notre Dame. We were waiting to see somebody enter or exit from the office! But nobody was there!! Finally, Christiane kindly took a photo of us.

Naji and her friends in front of Saint Liam Hall, ND

Vale Carreño – Chile

This is the place where people get in shape…. Or at least it smelled like it.  After taking the picture, I changed clothes and I did some rounds on the third-floor track.

Vale Goes to the Gym

Yanna Xie – China

This photo was taken in the library office of University of ND on September 12, 2012.  Kimiko Mimoto, Asaka Tanaka, Yeter Büyükkafadar Aydoğmuş, Chen-Husan Wu, Hu-Jung and I are In this photo.  I think that it’s the best one of our scavenger hunt photos, because it was the first photo we took that day.



Shruthi Seethapura – India

Shruthi asked this Notre Dame police officer, “Can I stand with you?”  He asked her, “You with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! How dare you!” 😉


 Julio Benvenuto – Uruguay

I am traveling through the Notre Dame labyrinth with an excellent team: Shan Shan, Fafa, Mahshid and Valentine. In this photograph you will see Mahshid,Valentine and Julio (It is not necessary to explain who is Julio). We interrupted the office routine. While we were opening our eyes, the receptionist closed her eyes. Finally, we were able to see, on the wall, an excellent phrase: “Our campus is in South Bend, Indiana, our classroom is the world- Rev. Edward A. Malloy C.S.C.”   Deep wisdom in few words.

The Only Male Classmate