Seminars and Conferences

Upcoming events

  • Feb  2019   Birational Geometry and Hodge Theory, CIRM, Luminy (Please register here). This is part of the one-month thematic program in Complex Geometry at CIRM.

Selected recent talks

  • Dec 2018    Canadian Mathematical Society Winter meeting, Vancouver
  • Nov 2018   University of Wisconsin Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Madison
  • Oct 2018    University of Washington Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Seattle
  • Feb 2018    University of Washington Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Seattle
  • Apr 2017    AGNES Algebraic Geometry Conference (video link), Stony Brook
  • Apr 2017    ANU Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Canberra
  • Mar 2017   University of Sydney Analysis and Geometry Seminar, Sydney
  • Jan 2017    Purdue Algebraic Geometry Seminar, West Lafayette
  • Oct 2016    UIC Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Chicago
  • Oct 2016    Northwestern Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Evanston
  • Jun 2016    CIMI Conference: Recent Advances in Complex Differential Geometry, Toulouse
  • May 2016   Algebraic and Kahler Geometry Workshop, Grenoble
  • Apr 2016    Complex p-adic and logarithmic Hodge theory and their applications, Stony Brook
  • Nov 2015    Imperial College Geometry and Topology Seminar, London
  • Oct 2015     Max Planck Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Bonn
  • Jul 2015      AMS Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry, Salt Lake City

Local Events:

  • Felix Klein Topology and Geometry Seminar at Notre Dame
  • Algebraic Geometry Seminar at Northwestern
  • Algebraic Geometry Seminar at UIC
  • Geometric Analysis Seminar at Northwestern