FullSizeRenderI obtained my B.S. in Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley in Spring of 2012. During my final two years as an undergraduate, I did research with Prof. John Prausnitz to study the thermophysical properties of ionic liquids for gas separation and biofuels pretreatment processes.

My curiosity in understanding the molecular-level interactions of ionic liquids has led me to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Notre Dame. I recently received my PhD in Chemical Engineering under the co-advision of Prof. Edward Maginn and Prof. Yingxi Zhu (now at Wayne State University). My thesis research focused on molecular simulations of surfactant interfaces.

Currently, I am a research scientist at BASF Corporation working on molecular simulations of soft materials for formulations research.


Areas of Expertise:

condensed matter physics, ionic liquids, lipid biophysics, surfactants, polymers, interfacial science, self-assembly, microemulsions, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo