Meet Team Philippines

Team Philippines is highlighted here in the second of four team profiles.  Team Philippines is flying into Manila and then heading to Mindanao, one of the three large island groups in the Philippines.  Here are the team members who comprise Team Philippines:


Dana Spencer (3rd from R)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
ND Program: MBA
Post-grad plans: 3M in Minneapolis
Previous experience: I worked for three years as a fundraiser with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Fun fact: I’ve finished two Ironman triathlons
Why BOTFL?: I love a good challenge
Twitter: @dmariespencer

Sam Nichols (3rd from L)
Hometown: Auburn, CA
ND Program: MA in International Peace Studies
Previous experience: Human rights monitor in Hebron, West Bank
Fun fact: I secretly want to earn a living as a bicycle mechanic and vegetable gardener
Why BOTFL?: Peace requires economic security
Twitter: @samuelnichols

Krissy Kalinauskas (2nd from R)
Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA
ND Program: MBA
Post-grad plans: Ernst & Young Advisory (Consulting) in Atlanta
Previous experience: Coordinated the supply of medical goods for the victims of landslides and natural disasters to be sold in a market created by social entrepreneurs in Costa Rica
Fun fact: Huge college sports fan. Went to two bowl games in 2013 – saw a Gamecock win over Michigan, and a less rewarding national title game
Why BOTFL?: Collaborate to serve, learn, evolve

Mauri Miller (Right)
Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana
ND Program: Law
Post-grad plans: Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
Previous experience: I have traveled and lived internationally on numerous occasions
Fun fact: I am a huge sports enthusiast
Why BOTFL?: New perspective

Michael Kinsella (2nd from L)
Hometown: Various (MN)
ND Program: MBA
Post-grad plans: Consulting in Chicago
Previous experience: Lived in Afghanistan for a year
Fun fact: Carrier landings at night are scary

Robbie Espiritu (Left)
Hometown: DeSoto, TX
ND Program: MBA
Previous experience: The first time I traveled to the Philippines, my brother and I got completely outworked and outplayed on the basketball court by kids wearing sandals
Fun fact: I’m the president of the Notre Dame bowling team
Why BOTFL?: To learn and serve others
Twitter: @robbieespiritu

Faculty Advisor: Roger Alford (Not pictured)
Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School
About: Joined the NDLS faculty in January 2012. Prof. Alford teaches and writes in a wide range of subject-matter areas, including international trade, international arbitration, and comparative law.

One thought on “Meet Team Philippines

  1. Mike, good to see you Buddy. We have been busy with company, guests, and preparing for the arrival of Conor et al. I hope all is going well with you and that it has been a interesting experience. All is well here except my golf game is in the dumper. Brennan has returned to Woodbury and enrolled in high school. Keep safe and take pictures.