Team Rwanda: Day 9

After a weekend of amazing scenery and sights we went right back to work and started the  2nd and last week of our visit to Rwanda. This week we focus on identifying any information gaps identified after the 1st week. In the process we will confirm and test new assumptions developed over the last few days. We are also expanding our understanding of the farmer’s ecosystem by talking to cooperatives as we seek to identify opportunities for the youth in the agriculture value chain.

So once again we headed off to the rural area for more information and insights. The visits planned were to district cooperative officials and several cooperatives’ management teams. The Cooperative officer of Kamonyi distict, explained to us the priorities in his region and the challenges they were facing in trying to strengthen existing cooperatives through membership growth and education.

The manager of one of the maize cooperatives mentioned maize storage capacity as being one of their major challenges. The tin cooperative mentioned modern equipment as a critical factor to enable better safety and faster extraction of mineral.  All these present potential business opportunities for the youth whether it’s providing storage services or buying and selling basic mining equipment that can be easily sourced globally.

It was a fruitful day and we feel we are getting closer to a few ideas for further analysis and recommendation.


Erin and Shubi talk to bicycle coop members.

Monday 2

The teams talks to bicycle coop members.

Monday 3

Shubi gets down to work.

MOnday 4

Erin and Angelique gather insights from the youth.

Monday 5

Josel and Ben pose for a pic with members of the Tin Cooperative

Monday 6

A tin mining site on the side of a hill.

TIn miner

A tin miner shows us some of his harvest after 3 days.

Ben football

Team Rwanda on the way to its 4th consecutive ‘world cup’ title.


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