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My iTouch experience

How did the iPod Touch impact the way you do your work? Please be as specific as possible with examples, etc.

It gave me easier access to email, without  logging into a computer.  I have been able to help patrons with Reserve questions after regular business hours.  I had hoped to share the iTouch with the Stacks staff as a means of communication between workers in the Tower and the Circulation desk.  Unfortunately someone stole my iTouch from my locked office before we got it off the ground.  I received a replacement, but didn’t want to leave it out of my sight.


Overall, did the iPod impact your work negatively or positively and why?

There wasn’t a big impact.  I think there is still hope for some form of “quiet” technology that can be adapted for communication between Stacks and the Service desks for better customer service.  For the most part, it helped me stay connected via email.  I didn’t find any applications that helped me do my job in Circulation or Reserves better.

What is one thing you learned about mobile devices/applications as a result of this project?

It helped me understand the technology that our customers are using today.  I promote the Hesburgh Libraries Applicaton to patrons. Because I have used it,  I can better explain what they will find there and how it will help them.

Will you continue to use the iPod Touch at work?



What is your favorite app and why? (this can be for work or for fun).

GasBuddy! I never cared about gas shopping until I downloaded this application and noticed a real difference in gas prices in various locations across St. Joseph County.


Project summary

The iPod Touch impacted my work when I was scanning articles for  patrons at Hesburgh Library and I was able to check my email, without having to find a workstation, to be sure they had received  readable copies of the articles. I also was able to use the library mobile app to check the catalog to see the status of books when I was in the stacks searching for them, so I didn’t have to take patrons back to the circulation desk to check on the status.

The iPod Touch positively impacted my work because it enabled me to provide more readily available information and service to patrons.

I do not have any other mobile device, so I was really new at this. I learned that the device is not only good for personal convenience or fun

apps but can really assist in library work.

Yes, I will continue to use it at work, and appreciate tips from others on how to increase its use in the workplace–or for fun

My favorite app for work is the Library mobile app. My favorite fun app is Epicourious, since I can be at the grocery store and look up recepies and find the ingredients I need while there, and not get home and find out I am missing an ingredient.

I am happy that I had the opportunity to see what a great tool the iPod Touch is.

Project Summary

Impact on work:

I had never used an iPod before, and the primary value for me was learning the technology and employing the convenience factor.  I had the ability to do work, particularly in terms of email management and Internet searching, anytime I had free wi-fi, on-campus or off-campus, in South Bend or while traveling.  Drafting larger documents was less efficient than a laptop or desktop would be, but I would imagine an iPad (because of its bigger size) would allow for that type of work as well.

Positive or negative impact:

Certainly positive.  As explained above, I was even more connected than I had been previously.

One thing learned about mobile devices/apps:

I now understand why most people have them.  It is handy to know of things as they happen (assuming wi-fi availability or Internet connectivity), to be able to respond immediately when necessary, and to be able to look things up on the fly (whether in email or on the Web).  I recognize that apps also contribute to convenience.

Continued use:

Absolutely, I will.  As someone who already owned told me at the beginning of this project, you’ll wonder what you did before you had one.  I am definitely hooked!

Favorite app:

Do I have to pick just one?  I can’t.  Depends on what I am trying to do, but Yelp and Pandora rank at the top.  I was just reading in a parents magazine the other day about an app that I plan to add — SitorSquat.  It’s a locator for finding clean public restrooms — good for people with young kids that cringe at the thought of public restrooms, for sure!!

How the iPod Touch Impacted me

It was great not having to log in to my computer to check my email, because anywhere there was a WiFi connection I could check my email through the iPod it would always beep when something came through. This kept me up to date in case something needed to be done.

This has been a very positive experience, the iPod is something that I will probably always carry with me now.

One thing I learned about mobile devices is that they are never done, just like the web it seems that they are always being updated.

I will continue to use the iPod at work, it has become addicting.

My favorite app is Words with Friends, this is a scrabble game that you play with other users.

CAMLS Project: Survey Question results

How did the iPod Touch impact the way you do your work? Please be as specific as possible with examples, etc. The iPod Touch impacted my work in profound ways:

 I can check my email and respond quickly

When I solicited feedback from my instruction sessions, I received an immediate announcement that I got a message. Because my students heard the ping sound, those who weren’t going to give me feedback, gave me feedback.

I was able to download TED podcasts that have proven helpful in my ongoing professional development

I was able to assist students in navigating the Hesburgh Libraries information resources using the iPod Touch

If I didn’t have a notebook to take notes, I used the Notes ap with much success and then emailed to myself as a back-up copy.

Overall, did the iPod impact your work negatively or positively and why?

It impacted my work in a positive way because of its various applications. I developed a new appreciation for Apple products given that I am so profoundly a Microsoft user. It showed my students how much the Librarians are interested in technology tools that can only enhance what we do as instruction and research librarians.

What is one thing you learned about mobile devices/applications as a result of this project?

A mobile ap can be created for just about anything that could prove useful in our work as academic librarians.

Will you continue to use the iPod Touch at work?

Absolutely yes!

What is your favorite app and why? (This can be for work or for fun).

My favorite ap is Facebook and Twitter. I can communicate constantly with my Librarian friends and colleagues around the world instantly. When I am stuck on a research question, I can seed a “Tweet” message and it “blows my mind” how quickly librarians answer me.

Leslie L. Morgan, First Year Experience Librarian + Hesburgh Libraries-University of Notre Dame + lmorgan1@nd.edu

End of Project Survey

1. Impact on work. After becoming familiar with it (this took a loooong time), I bought an IPad. The combination has definitely made me more — wait for it — mobile. I carry one or the other with me everywhere and use it/them for note taking, checking for the calendar for meetings that have changed location (a real time saver), to keep up on events, check the catalog while in the stacks or in a meeting, etc. Just today I took notes at a meeting at the Kroc and then emailed them to the appropriate party. Much easier than schlepping a laptop across campus. I took all three (IPod, IPad and Netbook to New New Orleans) and carried NO paper.. Next time, the Netbook stays home.

2. Positive. I don’t carry paper around much any more. I don’t find myself running back to my office for things. I can get answers on the spot and on time.

3. Having been a Microsoft / PC user, I made peace with Apple.

4. Yes, in the ways already mentioned and several others that I haven’t gotten around to yet.

5. Email, calendar, maps, Safari and, of course, Angry Birds.

Doug Archer

questions on the Ipod survey

The iPod touch made it much easier to check/add/delete meetings and to manage my obligations. I tended to use it more when out of the library to check to see if I was available at a specific time, which allowed me to be present at more meetings on campus. This worked especially well when I was scheduling occupational therapy.
I also found that I would check email and be able to answer more more quickly when needed and that if I was talking to a student this was the quickest and easiest way. I also liked to have this at conferences, it made it much easier to stay in touch with other committee members.

I learned that we might as well work with these apps, cuz our students will whether we do or not. I was unaware how much time you can spend online with one of these.

I will continue to use the ipod touch and just made arrangements to have unlimited wifi for this purpose.
The games app is my favorite cuz it kept me from getting board in the airport,.

Aps to add to the iPod

Get access free from iTunes:

Dictionaire: a very simple App for defining words. You can type in a word phoenetically of which it will get you not only the correct spelling, but the definition of that word.

WebMD Mobile: You can enter specific quieries about symptoms by pointing to places on a human model to get results. This App also gives invaluable first aid tips. Check it out!

iPod for dummies tip

Haven’t done this yet, but I was reading in the Dummies book that apps can be grouped by dropping whichever apps you want together on top of each other, e.g news apps, etc. Cool.