My iTouch experience

How did the iPod Touch impact the way you do your work? Please be as specific as possible with examples, etc.

It gave me easier access to email, without  logging into a computer.  I have been able to help patrons with Reserve questions after regular business hours.  I had hoped to share the iTouch with the Stacks staff as a means of communication between workers in the Tower and the Circulation desk.  Unfortunately someone stole my iTouch from my locked office before we got it off the ground.  I received a replacement, but didn’t want to leave it out of my sight.


Overall, did the iPod impact your work negatively or positively and why?

There wasn’t a big impact.  I think there is still hope for some form of “quiet” technology that can be adapted for communication between Stacks and the Service desks for better customer service.  For the most part, it helped me stay connected via email.  I didn’t find any applications that helped me do my job in Circulation or Reserves better.

What is one thing you learned about mobile devices/applications as a result of this project?

It helped me understand the technology that our customers are using today.  I promote the Hesburgh Libraries Applicaton to patrons. Because I have used it,  I can better explain what they will find there and how it will help them.

Will you continue to use the iPod Touch at work?



What is your favorite app and why? (this can be for work or for fun).

GasBuddy! I never cared about gas shopping until I downloaded this application and noticed a real difference in gas prices in various locations across St. Joseph County.


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