Freiburg: More from the Green City

tuna on saladLately I’ve been cooking up a storm, so I’m adding some pictures below of a few meals I’ve had. I unfortunately do not have a picture of the Shepherd’s Pie I made, but the general consensus was that it was delicious. “Super Lecker” as they might say in German. Below there is a picture of my friend Maggie holding a burrito, a salad with tuna, and spaghetti and stuffed meatballs made by yours truly. I’ve never made stuffed meatballs and it was quite an interesting experience. In the future instead of stuffing them with meat and cheese, I think i’ll just put in cheese.

stuffed meatballs  maggie burrito

Freiburg also has lots of street musicians in the old city all the time. Saw a great duo playing instruments that made me think of lap harps and hammer dulcimers. Not sure exactly what they were. If you happen to recognize them, let me know what they are called. I’m very curious. duo musicians

I also passed this adorable looking Asian restaurant with a garden. I think I might convince my friends we should go here sometime even if just to sit and enjoy the garden and fountain.


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