Post-Hohenzollern Trip


Tübingen w: boatsAfter visiting the castle, we took the train back to the city of Tübingen which we walked around for a while looking for somewhere to eat dinner. There was a dance show going on near the city hall so the old city was quite busy and loud, but it was also beautiful. The buildings are so old that they almost looked crooked and sagging in some places which gives them character in my opinion. Eventually we found a place called the Trout at which I ordered… trout. When we walked passed I asked a server if they do gluten free food and when she said yes right away and seemed to be familiar with the concept, I was all set. That’s where we were eating. Dining out can be quite difficult because gluten free food is not as common in Germany, and I also have a bit of trouble explaining exactly what I need in German. Fortunately here I didn’t have any problem. I asked the waitress with dishes could be cooked gluten free, and I said yes to the first thing she pointed at which was the trout. It came in four small fillets covered with a few crispy pieces of parsley. I have no idea how they got the parsley crispy but the texture was exquisite. The dish also had round potatoes and salad greens for decoration. There was also a side salad. After a long day, a quite delicious meal was perfect. After dinner we sat by the river eating tangerines and grapes while watching the gondolas go by. The city was so beautiful, and even though I did not get to see much of it, I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit in this region. The bus ride there was also particularly pleasant. I was able to see a huge section of the mountains and the German countryside.

Tübingen park

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