IMG_2691This is the Dome of the Cattedrale di San Nicolò in  Noto, Sicily. It was recently reconstructed using traditional techniques exactly where it was as it was after being destroyed in a Earthquake in 1996. Generally, restoration of buildings as they were is not permitted in Italy because the law states it is falsification of history. Congratulations to whoever decided not to follow that path here. I hope more architects will fight against ridiculous concept of falsification of history. This is wonderful example of how a building can be preserved. Also a young Russian painter, Oleg Supereko, is being employed to do the wonderful frescos. What are your thoughts on seeing more work like this in the future?


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  1. Claire says:

    A major argument for complete reconstructions as falsification of history is that the reconstruction lies to or hoodwinks people. But I think that circumstances have to be taken into account for every case. What is the purpose of the building? Although most tourists that visit this church will think that the dome is the original 18th century dome, does that matter? The purpose of this building is to be the house of God and to facilitate the Catholic liturgy. This church has been around for centuries, why should the diocese have to redesign it after an earthquake?

  2. Rick says:

    Awesome job! To those who are against the “falsification of history” and believe that rebuilding something as it once was is tantamout to “lying”, I have a brilliant idea:

    Put a freaking plaque on it that says:
    “Original built 1682 (for example), reconstructed 2013 (for example).”

    Not rocket science, is it?

    You people who are against this are completely bonkers. You’re the kind of people who would not bat an eyelid if instead they’d built a Brutalist box in its place. You must be “architects”, not real people who love architecture. I can tell because “architects” have the most awful sense of aesthetics and a warped sense of “building-morality” (such as the Italian law). You’ll always choose an “artist” who destroys a scene over an engineer who is able to preserve the look and feel of a town. Over the last 100 years, it has been people like you who have destroyed aesthetics. And you guys have to have nearly complete and utter dominance. You won’t allow anything else. Well, this time, beauty won. Too bad for you.

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