Bookstore Basketball Logo

This logo was developed by us for Bookstore Basketball. They wanted a single color logo that had improved readability and portrays their moto “We Play So They Can Play.” Bookstore Basketball support the Jumpball Basketball Clinic in Jamaica.

Bookstore Logo

Bookstore Logo

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Innovation Session: Improving the User Experience in Hesburgh Library

See Our Ideas!

This month we partnered with the Hesburgh Library Rennovation’s Committee to brainstorm about the future of our beloved Library. Our main ideas are outlined in the linked Mind Map, but here are a few of our main Ideas.

  • Reservation System Group Study Spaces with Indicators Near Entrance
  • Have spaces defined by working style
  • Tower gradates upward from Louder and Group Spaces at the base—–> Quiet & Individual at the Top
  • Very clear and color coded signage
  • Napping Pods
  • A Break Room
  • Lofted Study Space
  • Diversity of Food Options
  • Exciting Freshman Introduction to the Library

Improving Hesburgh Mind Map

Check out some photos:

Innovation Session: Biking on Campus


The club kicked off it’s first Innovation Session of the Semester by discussing the Future of Biking on Campus. Here is a mind map of our solutions.

Biking On Campus Mind Map