Zach Llorens

Class: Senior
Major: IT Management & Mathematics
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.

Dorm: Proud member of Zahm House.

Discipline/Category: Road (General / Domestique) Men’s D
Goals:  Have fun, get strong, and support the team.
Pre-Race Ritual: He likes to proceed his bike races with a swim and follow them up with a run.
Palmares: He’s only fallen out of his clipless pedals twice.
Team Contribution: He has a passion for improvement, relentless mental toughness, and bountiful panache.
Life off the bike:He’ll be working at Protiviti’s Technology Consulting practice in Los Angeles after graduation. He considers In ‘n’ Out an acceptable pre-race, post-race, and during-the-race meal. Cool Hand Luke is his favorite film.
Victory Celebration: He’s fine with any victory celebration as long as he doesn’t end up in any cycling celebration fails compilations on YouTube.