Welcome to Data Security and Privacy Lab (DSP-Lab, founded in 2017) in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. Here at DSP-Lab, we aim to explore and resolve security and privacy issues existing in the world of data so that people will be less involved in security or privacy breach in the big data era. The research areas of DSP-Lab at Notre Dame spans widely across multiple areas, from data science research to traditional security research, owing to the interdisciplinary nature of the security and privacy research in the big data. Please feel free to contact Prof. Taeho Jung if you want to join us!


We are looking for self-motivated, hard-working, and mature Ph.D. students to fill in several open TA/RA positions in our lab. If you are interested in security and privacy research in big data and want to join our lab, please read this.

Several part-time positions are available for Notre Dame undergraduate students too! Please email Prof. Taeho Jung for an appointment.


Taeho Jung
Zhongying Qiao