After A long day of travel yesterday, and a great night’s sleep at ARU, we started exploring Uganda today.

First we drove to the Ugandan Martyrs Shrine, which commemorates the deaths of 32 Ugandan people in 1886. Three popes have visited this site most recently Pope Francis in 2015.

Then we continued to Jinja, and were able to walk across the new bridge on the Nile.

And finally we have arrived at Andre house, the formation house for the order of the Holy Cross here in Uganda. we will spend the rest of our afternoon and evening here.


Hello Family, Friends, and Loved Ones. This blog will serve as our main outlet for communication while we visit Uganda this next week. We’ll be adding updates daily with photos or reflections from students, or just to let you know that things are going well.

Thanks for following along as we embark on this amazing journey!!

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