Character-Building in School Athletics…A Conference

Summer starts on June 21, and the busy summer calendar of on-campus conferences hosted by the Alliance for Catholic Education will be under way, too.

Play Like a Champion Today (R), which is a unit of ACE and of the Institute for Educational Initiatives, is hosting its annual Sports Leadership Conference June 21-23 at the Jordan Hall of Science. Leaders of student athletic organizations will come from around the country to talk about the goals they share with Play Like a Champion Today leaders Clark Power and Kristin Sheehan.

A prime goal is to seize the opportunities for character education that exist in school athletics programs for youths and high school students. Clark and Kristin, along with impressive colleagues like Lynn Kachmarik and partners around the country (in the world of public schools as well as the world of faith-based schools), know the value–and values–they can bring to young people in a well-coached athletic environment.

More than a hundred conference attendees will be hearing from experts in the fields of medicine, law, and computer science, as well as athletics.

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