We have recently begun learning the ABC’s! This has proven thus far to be a somewhat challenging, yet rewarding, task. As expected with any preschooler, or kindergartener for that matter, the majority of our students have not developed any fine motor (writing) skills – thus the challenging aspect. We are creating alphabet books with the students, where they practice writing each letter as it is learned, and we collect them to eventually bind together into their own personalized alphabet book at the end of the school year. We have been using pencil grips, dry erase boards, shaving cream, chalkboards and several other tactics to help the children learn how to write their letters.


It has been very rewarding to see the progress the students have made in writing their letters, especially since we have only learned the first four (Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd) to date. Something that I found worked well with kindergarteners also seems to help our ENL students – making a class list of words that start with the particular letter of the day.

Our Aa and Bb class lists. We keep these on display in the classroom for students to use as references throughout the school year.

It’s amazing how the students have already memorized the “ABC” song. We use this to our advantage and sing the song with the children as we use a pointer to point to each letter as it is sung. We are confident that the children are slowly but surely learning their letters, and we cannot wait to continue to watch and experience their learning and growth with the English alphabet.

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