About ENL Preschool

How we got started:

The English as a New Language [ENL] Preschool was created in conjunction with an Americorps state grant recieved by the Robinson Community Learning Center [RCLC].

 Our Goal:

The primary goal of the ENL Preschool is to enrich our students literacy and English skills through a print and English-rich environment.

 Pre-Requisites of our Preschool:

It is required that the parents of our preschoolers must be enrolled and attending the adult ENL classes offered through the South Bend Community School Corporation, held at the RCLC.

About our students:

We have eight preschoolers between the ages of three – five enrolled in the preschool, none of whom speak English as their primary language. Our students speak a variety of languages including Arabic, Farsi, and Spanish. The majority of our students are recent refugees of the United States, immigrating from countries such as Iran and Iraq.

Our Approach to ENL:

Although some of our Americorps volunteers can speak Arabic and Spanish, we only use English in the classroom. We have found that several of our students benefit from English music, and therefore music and movement plays a large role in our daily routine. We use many visual aids through teaching the alphabet and other various preschool standards. Read-alouds and concept of print have been a huge area of growth for our students and therefore also has a constant daily presence.

Our Daily Schedule:


8:30-9:30am: Free choice time [children can choose from a variety of activities, including: blocks, kitchen, puzzles, reading corner, imaginary play, etc.]

9:30-10:00am: Morning message and Read-aloud [We have a daily message that is consistent on a daily basis – “Dear Boys and Girls, morning! Today is [Wednesday]. We have been in preschool for [30] days. Can you count how many hearts you see?” We also do calendar and weather. Our read-aloud goes along with the weekly theme.]

10:00-10:15am: Snack

10:15-10:45am: Special Project [themed art activity]

10:45-11:00am: Sound Spot and Mouth Time [Intensive literacy time. When we learn letters of the alphabet we make class lists and students do individual practice sheets.]

11:00-11:20am: Music and Movement [We use the same songs every day and I add a new song once every couple weeks. Coreographing movements that go along with the words of the songs helps students learn the words.]

11:20-11:30am: Closing Circle [We discuss what we learned today. We also use this time to review what has been learned such as colors, numbers, and letters.]

11:30am: Time to go home


If you have any questions regarding our prechool program please feel free to contact me at: erin.mueller.67@nd.edu. I am more than happy to answer any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have!