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This Fall’s Geology field trip (CE45340; a 1-credit course for
undergrads) will run during Fall break, and we will return to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The trip will be 5 days, 4 nights long (from Tuesday, October 16 to Saturday, October 20) – and we stay in hotel rooms, with transportation and room paid for by the CEEES department. There is an incredible range of geology that we’ll see, including unique banded iron formations, native copper deposits, the largest stromatolites on Earth, the largest volcanic lava flow on Earth, the remnants of a meteorite impact, and (for those of you who are fans of breathing…) a snapshot view of the Great Oxidation Event! This trip is accessible to anyone who has had Planet Earth and who is keen to learn more about a really fascinating time in Earth’s history, and I especially encourage Environmental Science majors to take it, even if you are not doing the Earth Science concentration. We will have 2-3 meetings prior to the trip, and no meetings after the trip, but there will be a take-home final based on the things you see during the trip.

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