The Nanovic Institute

Right, so first something about who we are.

The Nanovic Institute has a broad mission to enrich, integrate, and internationalize European studies at Notre Dame. Since 1992, it has done this by promoting European issues and events, sending undergraduates abroad, helping graduate students become professionals in their fields, supporting faculty research across collegial and departmental lines, and building an international network of scholars. A large array of programs have been established in each of these five areas, which now serve as the foundation for its many future activities.

European studies is obviously a broad category. Under the leadership of A. James McAdams (William M. Scholl Professor of International Affairs), the Institute has taken an inclusive approach to membership. We now have 149 affiliated faculty in a broad range of scholarly and professional disciplines. The Institute sits at the borders between these colleges and schools and can therefore make connections across them that would not otherwise be made. New research questions, new scholarly collaborations, new ways of thinking about curricula, new relationships with universities in Europe — all these things become possible with a broad faculty base. We have also found that casting a broad net allows us to remain responsive to scholarly growth and new developments at Notre Dame.

That said, the Institute is now being asked to develop a sharper research profile for itself at the same time it is being asked to plan strategically for another decade. It’s an exciting time.

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