Some Goody Comedy Goodness

In my pursuit of finding rhyme and reason in the comedy world, I have been watching a lot of comedy, some of which may have less academic merit to my project, but hey, it’s still good stuff. Here’s a small little collection of some things I came across this past week. These clips are outliers from my arguement, as they are not relying on personal narrative to drive the comedy. But, man, are they great.

My favorite things about comedians is how they undermine the pomp and circumstance of Hollywood. Norm MacDonald is number one in this department.

C’mon. Will Ferrell is killer. Watching videos like this one gets me through trying political times like these by remembering there is silliness.

This is the only guy who should be on talk shows. Will Ferrell’s hilarity on talk shows might not fit into my semester long discussion of personal narrative, as he rarely appears as himself on any of these shows. However, these kinds of clips show how successful paratexts are when comedians are involved.