Student Profiles: Meet Atisha Kika

photoHometown: Gweru, Zimbabwe

Undergraduate Institution: The University of Texas at Dallas

Track: Financial Reporting and Assurance Services

Why did you choose to attend Notre Dame MSA?

I chose to come to Notre Dame because my sister came her six years ago and she always told me what a beautiful campus Notre Dame had and only had positive things to say about the program. After walking around on the first day I arrived, I will agree with her. Notre Dame has the best campus I have ever seen and every time I walk on campus I have a sense of belonging, and I know this is  exactly where I am supposed to be.

Which class do you enjoy the most this semester?

The class I enjoyed the most this semester was Healthcare Management. I found this class very interesting because it was a discussion based class centered on solving problems that our healthcare system faces today. It was easy to relate to the issues, and it was a nice change from taking all accounting and finance related courses.

What is one of your favorite experiences in the program thus far?

One of  my favorite experiences in the program thus far was attending a football game. There is a great atmosphere on campus and many traditions that take place on a game week end that has made my Notre Dame experience memorable.

What are your postgraduate plans?

After I graduate I will be working for EY Chicago in the assurance service line

What is one of your favorite places to visit around campus? 

One of my favorite places to visit around campus are the two lakes. After a long day, or when I feel overwhelmed I love to take a walk to the lakes and clear my mind. It’s a great place to be alone and appreciate nature.

Fun fact: I have tried Zebra jerky. It was yellow, did not taste like chicken and I will probably never eat it again!

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