Company Spotlight: PARC

PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) is a Xerox company that provides research and development services, technology, and new business options to companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups to government agencies. PARC prides itself in having creative, business-savvy, real-world breakthrough technologies that provide new revenue streams to their clients.  Many of their innovations such as graphical user interface (GUI), what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) document processing, using ethnography in connection with technological innovations, and biomedical digital imagining and scanning have changed the world.

There is a wide range of job and internship opportunities at PARC for graduate students in the physical, computer, biological, and social sciences fields (

Details about the PARC Intellectual Capital Management & Commercialization (ICM) internship for summer 2012 (not listed on the website) is described below. Contact Ann Amico Moran or Jody Peters ( for more details.

ICM Intern Opportunity:
The ICM Summer Student Intern Program at PARC is designed to provide a learning environment which extends academic coursework into a real-world technology commercialization context where business value is created and realized from intellectual property (“IP”) assets. Selected students will be paired with an experienced ICM professional who will act both as a mentor, and manage the student’s activities at PARC.
PARC realizes value from IP assets through licensing, assertion, spin-outs, collaborative research and direct productization, so student projects will provide exposure to one or more facets of those commercial vehicles, including:

Patent mining – To uncover commercial value generation potential
Research targeting of intellectual property creation for commercial impact
Intellectual property portfolio characterization/analysis
Valuation and financial analysis of businesses, transactions and technology
Development and/or analysis of technology commercialization business cases

The student and PARC ICM will collaboratively select and design the intern project emphasizing alignment with the student’s interest/study area. The project pool will consist of actual ongoing work at PARC ICM to provide a context for project execution, and ensure that the student’s work is grounded in the realities of an actual commercial endeavor (rather than an artificial case-study exercise).
Students will be responsible for providing various written deliverables during the ICM Summer Internship tied to the nature of the student project e.g. commercialization hypotheses, a business case, financial forecast, or negotiation strategy. The student will also be encouraged to make oral presentations throughout the internship summarizing the findings/results of their project. In addition, ICM holds several social events and activities to help round-out the intern experience at PARC. We also encourage several “intangibles” of the ICM Summer Interns, namely: to learn and to teach, to challenge themselves and their assumptions, to share ideas in an open and supportive environment, and equally important to enjoy all of the above and their summer experience at PARC.

PARC & ICM Environment:
PARC ICM is chartered with identifying, protecting, and managing all intellectual
property/technology assets developed at PARC as well as the responsibility for creating and executing commercialization strategies for those assets through such commercial vehicles as licensing, spin-outs, assertion, and sponsored research.
The Palo Alto Research Center ( is a storied research center in California’s Silicon Valley with a 30 year history and such renowned innovations to its credit as laser printing, graphical user interface, digital property rights, bit-mapped displays and Ethernet. PARC has active research in a diverse range of technology domains including semiconductors/materials, water filtration, solid-state lightning, context-aware computing, wireless, and mobile interaction. Please visit the PARC website for a complete list of research areas. PARC technologies have seeded startups for over three decades (e.g. Adobe & 3Com), most recently with the spin-out of solar concentrator technology from our cleantech research effort into SolFocus, our “natural language” search technology into the Internet search spin-out PowerSet, as well as our cloud-based access point management technology into PowerCloud in 2010.

Eligibility & Requirements:
Academic: The PARC ICM Summer Intern Program is open to all candidates who:
Are students in good standing enrolled in an accredited Master of Science, MBA, JD, or
PhD program;
Exhibit a high interest and have some coursework or experience in intellectual property
(patents in particular); and
Will have completed at least one year of graduate-level study before beginning their
Areas of study particularly relevant to an ICM Summer Internship include technology
commercialization, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, finance/venture funding or research management. Applicants with a technical degree or technical experience in their stated project area preferred.
References: At least two professional references are required (one may be a graduate faculty member) – written recommendations from these references are strongly preferred, and their availability for a follow-up telephone conversation is encouraged.

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