Spirits Soar High in Mile-High City! (Tuesday, July 20)

Denver Notre Dame Club

Nearly 75 club members in Denver showed up for a picnic to welcome us to their wonderful city. Marcia and Bob did a terrific job organizing a high-energy event. The Denver club is a hearty bunch of Notre Dame alumni. They showed up in large numbers, braving the thunder and lightning, and they sang the fight song with much gusto (I would say they are tied with the Iowa City club for the gold medal right now).

We got to meet one of Coach Parseghian’s former football players. How cool is that?!

A Note from a Former Football Player under Coach Parseghian

The van is filling up with notes to Cindy and Mike Parseghian and to Coach Parseghian, and we are also getting nice inspirational sayings, wishing us well on the ride. Thank you, guys, for your wonderful support! We will carry these notes with us all the way back to the Dome.

The Denver club raised upwards of $1000 by raffling off Notre Dame-Michigan football tickets, a signed Nuggets basketball (Denver’s professional basketball team), and a signed Colorado Avalanche jersey (Colorado’s professional hockey team).
our findings.

Rainbow: A Parting Gift from Denver

Denver is a beautiful city and perfect for cyclists! We were amazed by the number of cyclists we saw and especially by all the bike paths both along the roads and completely separated from the roads. This infrastructure certainly makes it much easier for people to commute by bike, and Denver residents make good use of it. Michiana, take notice!

Feeding a Four-legged Irish Fan

The club presented us with very cool Colorado cycling shirts. I think we may have committed to Riding the Rockies next year (along with the RAGBRAI in Iowa). Better keep in shape once we return. If we sign up for a ride in each of the states we visit, we may end up riding even more miles next year. And to think that I was hoping to be lying on a beach next summer somewhere in a tropical locale, sipping piña coladas! Ahh.

After the event a gigantic rainbow appeared over Denver. What a spectacular sight! I think the Denver club arranged this as well. Today we decided to take a little detour to look for the end of that rainbow. We will keep you posted on

Thank you, Marcia and Bob, and thank you, Gary, for hosting us in your wonderful city. It is great to have so many proud alumni in Denver.


Why the bike ride?
The question keeps coming up for Renate and me about why we are doing the bike ride. It is truly for the Parseghian family. They have inspired us, inspired the College of Science, and inspired the University with their unfaltering resolve. The Parseghians are a family who turned hardship into hope. There is a note to Cindy and Mike on our van that sums it up: “Cindy and Mike, you inspire us all, you are ND.”

It is our hope, in turn, that our ride brings higher awareness to NPC, brings more funding to NPC research, and in some way brings scientists closer to the cure for this disease.

Go Irish!

2 Comments so far

  1.    Bob Kelley on July 21st, 2010

    Greg, Renate, Ally and Michaela – it was great having you with us last night . . . . and Ally did a great job picking out the raffle winners.

    Best of luck the rest of the way . . . . our thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe and successful journey.

    Please give our best to Cindy, Mike, all of the folks at the APMRF and especially to Ara!

    Bob Kelley
    ND ’73, ’77


  2.    Dave Martin '68 on July 21st, 2010

    Greg & Renate—-it is wonderful and inspiring that you both have made such a commitment to Ara’s Foundation. There is no question that “converts” (that is non-ND grads) like you make the Notre Dame experience as good as it could possibly be. Thank you for your generosity, your efforts, and your love of the ideal that is driving you to help the Foundation reach its eventual goal of curing Nieman-Pick. Good luck and Godspeed!
    Dave Martin
    Class of ’68 and Ara’s National Championship Football Team of ’66