Off the Grid!

We’ve headed up and over into the mountains of Mayhill, but we have no Internet connection there and will have to try to post the daily summary on Friday afternoon upon arriving in Artesia.

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  1.    Denny Navarre on July 30th, 2010

    Great to see the progress you two are making!! How’s the van holding up? Remember to drink as much water as early in the morning as possible. It’s an old dessert rule learned from the British Royal Marine Commando’s (They developed it in dessert training) We used it in the Marine Corps during dessert & jungle warfare, it works!!!…One seems to stay hydrated longer in doing so. Force yourself to drink. As you have found out you don’t necessarily see or feel the persperation in the dessert climate, that evaporates, you just see the salt rings. The only time you see or feel the persperation is when you get into air conditioning.

    Hey Dean, did you ever get those taillights glued to your backside?

    Best regards!

    Denny Navarre
    Notre Dame Transportation Department

  2.    Richard Taylor on July 30th, 2010

    No internet?…Godspeed.