Day 7 (Friday, July 30): Mayhill to Artesia, NM: Simply Beautiful

We started off with the best breakfast at the Mayhill Café and Hotel—homemade everything, including my oatmeal. When I asked if it was all homemade, the waitress responded: “It was made in someone’s home.”

Beautiful Day

Today was perfect. The temperature started out in the mid 50s in Mayhill, and as we descended to Artesia, New Mexico over the next 72 miles, the temperature rose to the low 90s. It never felt too hot today, not a cloud in the sky, and it was one of those days you wish would never end. The scenery was amazing as it has been raining a lot in the desert, and it is green everywhere. We stopped at a local fruit stand in the mountains, and they told us it is usually brown and dry, but this year has been different with all the rain, simply beautiful and plush everywhere. The landscape coming through the mountains looked like a landscape architect designed it.

Michael, Marcia, and Christa Watching Over Us

Today we both feel so fortunate for being able to do this bike ride for the Parseghian Medical Research Foundation and Notre Dame. We have a couple of hot and long days ahead of us as we make our way to the Dallas area but we are thankful for each mile that brings us closer to our goal.

Greg at Work

Renate in the Rearview Mirror

Today on our blog we got the following quote:

“Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes of your goal.”

Our goal is to raise awareness and funding for Niemann-Pick research through this ride, but our ultimate goal is to find a cure or therapy for Niemann-Pick through research and discovery.

Some people I meet still wonder: Can you do science at a Catholic university? I understand the question, and the answer is absolutely yes! Our scientists operate with the same rigor, curiosity and freedom as any scientists. In fact, I think the Catholic nature of Notre Dame and our mission adds value and synergy to the work. Our research in the College of Science is mission-driven in many circumstances, with a focus on diseases and improving the human condition, medicinal chemistry, sustainability and the environment, etc. We also tackle the big questions in science today, such as evolution, origins of the universe and stem cells. The approach is always: Think big! Our new partnership with the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation is a perfect example of our mission and aspirations, our thinking-big attitude, and our passion to find solutions for some of the most complex science problems of our day.

P.S. We had dinner in Roswell tonight—interesting town.

Go Irish!

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  1.    Michelle Chan on August 2nd, 2010

    I’m very happy to hear that you are enjoying the ride and had some great weather. I’ve never been to that area of the country but can imagine that it’s got to be absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.

    I enjoyed meeting the two of you at your first ND club stop in Iowa. I am thrilled to see the picture of Greg sporting the RAGBRAI jersey!! Hopefully, we’ll see Renate in hers in a future blog! 🙂

  2.    John Casko on August 2nd, 2010

    Roswell!?! Way jealous. Warmed my heart when I saw the email Michelle sent with you sporting the RAGBRAI jersey! All of our thoughts and prayers from Iowa are right there along the way with you too! Looks like you are making great progress and smelling the roses along the way. So great to see. Keep up the great work and see you soon! Go Irish…Science!