Day 9 (Sunday, August 1): Hobbs, New Mexico to Brownfield, Texas: Peanuts.

Thank you everyone for your comments! We appreciate the kind words of encouragement. We will need them in the coming days—the forecast: Hot!

At the New Mexico-Texas border

We did it—we finished our “Tour de New Mexico,” from west to east. New Mexico is a beautiful state, from the desert to the high altitudes in the mountains, with a rich variety of scenery. Colder than normal temperatures and much higher than normal rainfall left both the desert and the mountains plush and blooming. The people were so welcoming and courteous on the roads and everywhere we stopped. We even picked up some donations along the way from people interested in our ride and its purpose. Thank you, New Mexico!

Early start

It was hot today! We started before the sun rose to avoid the early afternoon heat. The ride was pretty flat, and we had tailwinds most of the way. Thanks for sending those our way! As we left New Mexico, there were many oil pumps as far as the eye could see—we thought it would continue into Texas. Instead, however, we ran across many, many peanut farms. Brownfield, the town where we are staying tonight, is a big peanut community. We stopped along the way today (as Renate prefers indoor restrooms), and Greg was approached by a Texan. Greg was ready to explain all about our ride and the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation, but this Texan was only interested in talking about football. Greg suggested that we may see Texas at a bowl game this year. His response was: “Dream on!” Hey, we dream big and have reason to do so!

Welcome to Texas

Hot day DONE!

Temperature forecast for the rest of the week—HOT! We are thus starting earlier and earlier in the morning so that we can spend the afternoons in air conditioning. Plus, getting to see the sunrise while pedaling is really awesome. We are looking forward to the Dallas alumni event. We hear a lot of great things about the club. Can’t wait to meet you on Wednesday, Dallas!

Throughout our trip and during the club stops there is a lot of curiosity abound Notre Dame Science. We have had a great year, strong funding, new programs created, and we had the privilege of teaching and interacting with a lot of great Notre Dame students.

We are moving full speed ahead. We have a big vision:

We have set our aspirations high and marked out our path to excellence. We will succeed because of our common vision and direction, our unity of purpose, our sense of camaraderie and cooperation, and our spirit of commitment to the values and vocation that have always guided the College of Science. Our confidence that faith and service are mutually enriching paths to understanding the world gives us the strength and power of mind to accomplish our most audacious goals. We think big, addressing the largest questions of our time with all the resources at our disposal. We are doers, inventors, and modern-day explorers, probing nature down to the smallest dimension, to the vastest expanses of the universe, and unraveling the complexities of life. We share a desire to make a difference in the world, in the lives of others, in our community and neighborhoods, in our families, and in our disciplines. We are open and inviting to all who share our passion for science, discovery, translation, and service. We are poised to tackle the challenges set forth in our strategic vision. The challenges are great, the blueprint is bold, and we are ready. We are fully committed to Our Lady and her mission, and we believe in everything she represents. It is our time. We are Notre Dame.

8 Comments so far

  1.    Angelo Chieffo on August 2nd, 2010

    Greg and Renate,

    Glad you enjoyed your tour of the southern portion of the Land of Enchantment. Hope you’re able to revisit the state sometime. Sopapillas will be waiting for you.

    Our son, Michael ’12, will be at your Aug 23rd arrival on campus.

    Godspeed to you both.

    Las Cruces, NM

  2.    Manuel Vega on August 2nd, 2010

    Dean and Mrs Crawford
    Thanks for the blog. It’s great to follow your journey thus far. Safe ride to both of you!

  3.    Kellie Sade on August 2nd, 2010

    I look forward to pulling up your blog everyday to read about your amazing journey! WOW!! You both touched my heart and I know you have done that with SO SO SO many others! We are all keeping track of you here at Knollwood and we miss having you in classes! Keep on Keepin on! We are sending strength and “Cool” thoughts your way as you are riding through the “HOT” state of Texas! God Bless! -Kellie

  4.    Amanda Hummon on August 2nd, 2010

    Dear Greg & Renate,

    Congrats on crossing the Texas border–that’s a big accomplishment. Safe travels the rest of the way!

  5.    Jenny Gruber on August 2nd, 2010

    Greg and Renate,
    Haven’t been on your blog for a few days so it’s good to catch up on your trip from the last several days. You guys are moving right along and it seems you are having a good time doing it! Rain or shine. Kellie has been keeping everyone updated at KCC with your progress. We are looking forward to your return.
    John and I participated in the Urban Adventure race this past Saturday, biking all over downtown SB, ND, St. Mary’s and Holy Cross doing unusual challenges as a team. We proudly wore your Notre Dame Science – Take Notice shirts, and I overheard a couple of people talking about them. Then yesterday, I saw a young lady in OutPost Sports wearing a Desert to Dome t-shirt, buying a new bike. Surely you’ve had some positive impact there! Word of what you’re doing and why is getting out there and your message is growing!!
    Continued safe travels!

  6.    The Caesar Family on August 2nd, 2010

    Renate and Greg,

    Having returned from a great week in NH without the internet, we are now able to track your daily progress. Amazing! Thanks for raising awareness nationwide about this devastating illness. Richard has taken care of several patients who have had it and we all appreciate your incredible effort.
    Ride on! We will keep you both in our prayers for safe travels.

    Lynn, Richard and family

  7.    Karen (Crawford) Williams on August 2nd, 2010

    Gregg and Renate,

    Have been keeping up with your blog daily. We usually sit down to read before we go to bed. Glad all is well and you are moving ahead with each new day.

    Continued good health and safety on your ride.

    Karen & Phil