Day 16 (Sunday, August 8): Moore to Stroud, OK: Our first experience with Route 66.

By Renate Crawford

Renate climbing near Stroud, OK

Greg & Renate at Route 66 Restaurant

Leaving Moore, Oklahoma today we had some issues—some road construction and closed bridges put a damper on the morning. However, after finding our way out of the city, we moved on to the famous Route 66. It was really cool, from the round barn to the other historic stops. The rolling hills are the most impressive sight on Route 66—and we mean they roll. They did not seem to stop rolling. Although challenging most of the day, the scenery was pretty spectacular. After about 80 miles, we found our hotel—the Skyliner Motel (what a gem!). On Monday we have a big day with the Tulsa Notre Dame Club—we are looking forward to meeting you all!

Greg taking pictures on Route 66

With all of the rolling hills today, we could not help but think about training at Knollwood prior to our departure. Today especially seemed like a seven-hour spinning class, including all the components Kellie, Cheryl, Jenny, and Greg love so much. We had a more-than-fair-share of rolling hills (climbing up and sprinting down) from short ones to really long ones; then there were the pyramids (steep climb up, then a short flat area for an active recovery, then an even steeper climb, and so on). There were seated and standing climbs and even some jumps (the latter to avoid the pain of going over railroad tracks and other obstacles). I couldn’t believe it and thought about all the KCC spinning instructors and how they would love it. Cheryl, I even tried to chase Greg down, but no such luck! Believe it or not, we are actually starting to enjoy “rolling hills” (as long as they are not too steep or too long—uh-oh! that will come in Missouri). The hills are easier in some ways on the rear and on the hands than hours and hours of flats. The day we had the huge climb (in Cloudcroft, New Mexico), it felt like we had to put the resistance at level 9, pedal as hard as we could, and then, when you think you can’t go any more, put it at a 10 and go for a few more hours. Also, we understand some of the Tour de France movies a bit better now. We also get our water bottles from a moving van at times, and our support team has a lot of experience with the Tour. So we are learning. We are still waiting for someone to run beside us with the flag or jump out in front of us to take a picture and get run-over. Haven’t tried the stuffing newspapers yet, but thought about it when we were really cold. That seems like ages rather than days ago! Well thanks KCC for prepping us so well. Greg has not had the opportunity to do the wall-walk here yet.

Greg multitasking

We miss you guys and look forward to seeing you all bright and early in a few weeks again. We are keeping up with the early wake-up times though (to beat the heat). Wish we had some more playlists as listening to the same music for eight hours a day gets boring,and Greg’s singing leaves something to be desired. It’s likely that he is thinking about Villa Macri.

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  1.    Matt on August 9th, 2010

    That is a great part of 66. I have motorcycled it many times, particularly through OK and TX. Keep it up! you are doing great. Download some TED talks or This American Life. if you want something other than music.