Day 25 (Tuesday, August 17) Carlinville to Lincoln, Illinois: The Land of Lincoln welcomes us.

Cool morning start

Final quarter of the trip!

Today’s 82-mile ride went very well. The temperature only reached about 80°F, and there was cloud cover all day long. It was probably one of our fastest days in terms of average speed. We had two rough aspects to our day: first, we had a very bumpy 10-mile stretch on Route 66 (not cyclist-friendly), and our hotel did not have any hot water. After being on a bike all day a shower is a must, so cold water it is! It is now 11 o’clock at night, and there will be no hot water until tomorrow after we leave.

Never too far from corn around these parts

Tonight we met with the Central Illinois Notre Dame Club. We wish to thank both Conrad (past president) and John (current president) for hosting us. We had a wonderful evening. We had a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant in Lincoln. All the club members had such fond memories of their time at Notre Dame, and they had great stories about their children and grandchildren’s time at Notre Dame. There were some big Notre Dame families in attendance.

Italian dinner with the Central Illinois Club

As I commented in an earlier entry on the blog, we have run across some fanatic Notre Dame football fans—from tattoos to a basement full of ND memorabilia—but we think we found the winner tonight. I will not mention any names here, but this gentleman’s wedding had to be scheduled on the off-week of Notre Dame football. His take on it was that nobody would pay attention to the wedding if the game was on, but his lovely wife had a slightly different perspective on the matter. She also thought that once the football season ended, life could resume its normal course, and Saturdays would be free. Boy, was she was surprised to find out that he was an equally enthusiastic Notre Dame basketball fan!

It was a really fun night. Hannah, a Notre Dame Science student (class of 2013) also attended. It was great to hear about her experiences volunteering in the emergency rooms, as she aspires to be a doctor in the future. Hannah was on a mission trip this summer to Cotija, Mexico, and she gave us her reflection piece. When we returned to our hotel room we had a chance to read it. It sounded like Hannah had an amazing experience. She worked with pre- and post-operation patients, learned how to insert IVs (ouch!), and put in her first suture. She wrote: “The people we served had just as much impact on me as I could have on them.” I am always amazed at how much mission work our students at Notre Dame do, and I am very impressed with their passion to do such work.

Hahhan, Notre Dame Science student, class of 2013

Central Illinois Club in front of the van

Thank you, once again, to the Central Illinois Club. We had a great evening and came away with many happy memories.

Go Irish.

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  1.    John Casko on August 19th, 2010

    Way to go Conrad and John and the ND Club of Central Illinois!

  2.    Jim on August 19th, 2010

    Greg, your total trip mileage has grown from 2,200 originally to now 2,300 miles. Did you change your route along the way? Very proud of what you and Renate are doing! Go Irish!

  3.    Gregory on August 21st, 2010


    Construction took us quite a bit out of the way, it turns out!

    Thanks for you comment 🙂

    Greg and Renate