Day 28 (Friday, August 20th): Chicago Illinois – Night out in ND Chicago Club.

Renate riding into Chicago on a bike path

Greg and Renate in Chicago

Today we slept in for the first time in a long time – nine whole hours! Then, we rode around Chicago along the bike path next to the lake. It was a beautiful day for biking.

Greg and Renate near a waterfall on the bike path

In the evening we met with the Chicago club downtown. Annette, a Notre Dame Science senior came by to welcome us to Chicago. I was exhausted just listening to Annette’s schedule this coming year—best of luck with all of your classes and activities! Also, a couple of Ara’s former football players welcomed us to the windy city.

Annette, Class of 2011, science major

Greg with one of Coach Parseghian's players, Dave Casper

We had a wonderful dinner at a very hip establishment right downtown. Everyone met us outside where they even had a spot reserved for the van. You know how hard parking downtown Chicago can be.

Just reading some of the quotes and wishes on the van can take quite some time now. The ND Chicago club members were sure to leave their mark on the van—now more gold (from the pen) than yellow. And what a surprise—John, the ND club president of Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, also showed up! The Iowa City/Cedar Rapids club was our very first stop nearly five weeks ago, and he came to see us in Chicago on our last leg of the trip. He brought us two inner tubes to make sure we were all set for our final ride into Notre Dame. Thank you, John. It was such a pleasant surprise to see you, and thank you for thinking of us throughout our trip.

Chicago ND club members

Thank you, Michele (Director of the ND Chicago Club) for organizing the event. We had a wonderful time, and we love our Notre Dame Chicago golf shirts. We will sport them around campus. Our daughters also drove over from South Bend with Renate’s mom—it was the first time we saw them in four weeks! Everyone clapped when they came in. Thank you for a very pleasant evening.

Go Irish!

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