Day 30 (Sunday, August 22): Chicago, IL to New Buffalo, Michigan: One more day! We are so excited to see you at the Dome on Monday at noon.

We hope you can make it to learn about the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation and its partnership with Notre Dame.

We're almost home!

We started off the day with a nice breakfast with our family, and they all convened around the van to wish us well on the last two days of our biking journey. We had perfect weather—sunny and cool, but with strong crosswinds. For the first 9 miles of our ride today, we were on the Chicago bike trail. It presented a great view of the lake and of the city—if you ever have a chance, bring your bikes to Chicago and ride the lake-front trail (you’ll see what we’re talking about).

Renate on the bike trail, leaving Chicago

After leaving Chicago, we had a lot of trouble with the route but figured it out eventually. We got a little lost in Gary and witness some interesting sights and sounds before finding our way back to Route 12. Then we went right by Michigan City’s outlet mall, but Renate is proud to report she didn’t stop there. The van wasn’t big enough.

A slight detour through Michigan

We are staying in New Buffalo, Michigan tonight, so today, we left Illinois, crossed into Indiana, and then entered Michigan. We thought after traveling seven states we should add on another one (Michigan) for good measure. Three states in one day—pretty neat! New Buffalo is a cute little beach town. In the evening we stopped by Oink’s Ice Cream for Renate’s sweet tooth. When we came out of the ice cream shop, there were about 15 teenagers hanging out around the van. It was a youth group from Little Flower Catholic Church in Michiana. They had a lot of fun signing the van—one of them has a strong connection to Notre Dame (his father works in the Dome). We gave them all Desert to Dome t-shirts, and there was a frenzy. We had to leave Oink’s parking lot quickly after they left, because new groups were coming. As we were backing out, they ran over to give us a donation for our cause (very touching!).

We are very excited to see you on Monday at noon. We can’t believe we are almost home. See you soon!

Go Irish!

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  1.    Patricia Bolhack on August 23rd, 2010

    Greg, and Renate,

    It is 6:30 AM on August 23rd in Tucson and it is a glorious day! It is so exciting that you will soon be at the Dome!

    God bless and thank you both for supporting such and important cause.

    Patti Bolhack