Greg biking in the mountains

Renate and I are looking forward to hitting the open road and talking with researchers and families.

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  1.    Rich Taylor on June 11th, 2011

    The NPC conference wrapped up beautifully. Good luck to you both as you start your journey.


  2.    rhonda kehoe on June 13th, 2011

    I want to thank Greg and Renate for taking this ‘show’ on the road. I had a wonderful time meeting them at CAV resturant in Providence. Their journey will hopefully bring more public awareness to this rare disease. Please know, to a family, there is nothing rare about it. It is always on our minds. A hope, a cure, each day of research, each penny of donations and each time the words NPD hit the headlines,mean medication and ultimately a cure will happen. Thank you,slainte and safe travels!