Day 30: Fallon, NV to Lake Tahoe, CA

Today was a very, very special day for me.  During first part of the day, I biked 65 miles from Fallon to Carson City, NV, where I had to the opportunity to have a very inspirational meeting. I met two special little girls, Cassidy and Addison Hempel. Cassi and Addi are eight year old twins with Niemann-Pick Type C disease.  Their parents Chris and Hugh, as well as their grandparents, brought the girls to meet me.

I rode into Carson City looking for the twins near the State House.  When I arrived, I saw two little girls with balloons waiting for me in their custom made bicycles.  No only where they waiting for me on their bikes, but they were also holding up a Notre Dame banner! I was so touched by the welcome.

These twins were diagnosed with NPC in 2007.  Just to see them sitting there with their parents was such an inspiration. Of course as bikers, they had to have an official Road to Discovery biking jersey.  It was great to have the three of us, on our bikes, wearing our Notre Dame Gear for the Road to Discovery.

Addi and Cassi also added their hand prints to the van.  Thank you so much to Cassi, Addi, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa for welcoming me to Carson City.  It was such a wonderful experience meeting all of you, and this is a day I will never forget.  Your strength is an inspiration to us all as we press on for a cure for you and all of the beautiful children with NPC. Thank you.

I also want to thank the press and media who visited us today along the ride.  Raising awareness for NPC is one of our primary goals, and I appreciate your interest in the NPC families and the ride.
After we left Carson City, we biked into California at Lake Tahoe.  Karyn and Charles, parents of one of our recent graduates, Brooke, had dinner with us in town.  It was such a wonderful dinner and evening.

Today was also a fun day on the road because I was able to ride my tri bike. You may remember that my other tri frame broke earlier on the ride, and I was without one for part of the trip. Outpost was kind enough to send me a replacement on the road. Thank you, Outpost, for taking care of this for me. I really appreciate it.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this a wonderful day that I will never forget.

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