Day 31: Lake Tahoe, CA to Elk Grove, CA

The air was chilly this morning when we left Lake Tahoe, but the scenery was just spectacular. It was sunny and beautiful as we crossed up and over Echo Summit, which is over 7,000 feet from sea level. The views were absolutely breath taking.  Today, I rode about 110 miles ride to Elk Grove, California, right outside of Sacramento.  Scott, a Notre Dame Law alumnus, rode with me for the first 60 miles of today’s journey.  We had a lot of fun and made a big cheer right before we crossed the summit.

After Scott’s wife picked him up, the ride became less enjoyable.  I hit a 7-mile dirt road that really rough and full of big holes. Some spots were so rugged I had to carry my bike down the road. The good news was that the road wound through some of the most pleasant rolling hill landscapes with rocks and ranches that I have ever seen. Just as we came out of that 7-mile stretch, we discovered that the road was closed, and a detour added more miles to today’s ride. I am at the point where I will take any shortcut whatsoever to knock off a mile or two.

Finally, after the rough road and extra miles, I rolled into Elk Grove, which is a wonderful suburb of Sacramento.  Despite some of the rough parts of the ride, it was a great day overall and we had no wind!  The local media came today and interviewed me and filmed some video of the van.  The signatures on the van are piling up and all of the reporters and newscasters just love the concept of signing it.
This evening we had a gathering with the Notre Dame Club of Sacramento.  Eva, the club president, organized a great event at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  There was a good turnout with graduates, incoming freshmen, and one student hoping to attend Notre Dame after high school.  Thank you, Sacramento Club, for your hospitality!

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  1.    Greg Feldman on June 21st, 2012

    Wow, those roads really stink. On a good note, US 23 right outside your house is now paved, and very smoothly I might add!!

    Keep up all your hard work. Pebble Beach, golf clubs, and diabolical putting greens await you!

  2.    Anneke De Bont on June 21st, 2012

    Almost there Greg great job We are proud of you. Lots of love anneke en bert