Day 32: Sacramento, CA to Livermore, CA

Today was a tough 92-mile day with heavy headwinds.  Yesterday, the temperature reached 100 degrees by the end of the ride, but today, the temperature made it to 60 degrees.  Yesterday, dirt roads, which are tough on a road bike, were part of the route. Today, we passed our hotel and rode 17 extra miles because of a GPS glitch.  Advice to those preparing routes for bike trips: do not use roads that pass through Windy Cove State Park or through miles and miles of wind farms. There is a reason the word “wind” is in those names.

Well, enough about the wind. Tomorrow is my last day, and I am looking forward to it.  It has been an interesting ride this year and a real pleasure working with our wonderful sponsor, the Notre Dame Federal Credit Union.  They really share my passion and the College’s mission to do great things in the world, like finding a solution to NPC. They have been such a great partner and I can’t thank them enough.

Greg and Nancy

After we got to the hotel in Livermore, Nancy, a recent physics graduate, stopped by to sign the van.  This evening we had an event in San Francisco at an Irish pub.  Bailey, the club president, did a great job at organizing the gathering.  How is this for luck – we drove in to San Francisco and got a spot for the van right in front of the pub!  Thank you, Notre Dame Club of San Francisco, for your hospitality. It really enjoyed the evening and it was a lot of fun being with you.

ND Club of San Francisco

It has been a long haul, but I am delighted to have the opportunity to ride for the children with Niemann-Pick Type C and their families, to raise funds and awareness for NPC, and to let the country know about the our science research and our passion to find a cure this disease. This journey to find a cure for NPC is a great example of why the Fighting Irish fight.  We fight for the life, dignity and well-being of every person, and I am honored that the Road to Discovery is part of purpose.

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  1.    Les McCarthy on June 22nd, 2012

    Greatjob Greg…you are a long way from the morning of day 3 in Ancramdale…but your visit with our Mid Hudson Club the nite before is not forgotten.