Day 33: Livermore, CA to Pebble Beach, CA

The final day of the ride was uneventful, but beautiful. There were two very big climbs to get over to San Jose from Livermore, then one more climb to get to Monterey.  The ride was so pretty that it was hard to think about how tired my legs have been.  Along the way today we saw deer, wild turkeys, and other wildlife.  I could not have asked for better weather or more beautiful nature.

We rolled into Monterey at around 2:30 p.m., and I had an hour or so to spend at the beach reflecting on the ride before the last 10-mile leg into Pebble.  I thought about all of the NPC families and kids who face tremendous challenges every day and persevere through them.  I thought a lot about Cindy and Mike Parseghian, and their amazing efforts to fund scientific research to find the cure. They have been such wonderful partners to us all at Notre Dame.  I thought about Michael, Marcia and Christa, the Parseghian children.  I thought a lot about all of the families and kids I met last year during the ride with Renate, my wife, and all those I have met at the conferences the past few years. I thought about seeing those precious twins, Addi and Cassi, waiting for me on their bikes a few days ago at the State House in Carson City. It has been a real honor to ride for all of these children and families, and I am so happy they have embraced the ride and our scientific efforts at Notre Dame.  We are on this journey together, and we will keep supporting each other until we have crossed that finish line. Thank you so much for the inspiration you have been to me on this journey across the country.

Greg with Cindy and Mike Parseghian

The last 10 miles into Pebble Beach had a few hills.  When I arrived at 17-Mile Drive, the scenery was fantastic! After a few more miles, I arrived at the beach where 50 golfers and participants in this year’s Parseghian Classic golf tournament were waiting for me. Cindy and Mike went down to the water with me where I dipped my front tire into the Pacific, completing the tradition that I started by dipping the rear tire into the Atlantic, way back in Boston with Cindy and Mike’s son Ara.  What a great finish.

After the tire dip, we had a wonderful dinner with an open pit fire.  The company was fantastic.  I had the opportunity to thank Ann and Dan Monahan for their recent endowment to hire a faculty member in rare and neglected diseases. This gift will help us recruit the best faculty talent to Notre Dame.  Thank you so much, Ann and Dan, for your amazing generosity and love for the university.

Bill Perocchi, the CEO of Pebble Beach who has sent his children to Notre Dame, told us a little bit about the course and the history of Pebble Beach. He pointed out that visiting the resort is on many people’s bucket lists, just like seeing a Notre Dame football game.  After Bill spoke, I invited Mr. Tom Gryp, president of Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, to be recognized. Thank you so much, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, for your support and sponsorship of the ride. I would also like to thank Jon at NDFCU for attending the alumni events all around the country and Deidre for all of her effort and support.  It has been a great partnership, and we look forward to working with NDFCU in the future.

Well, the ride is officially done for this year! Thank you all for following my blog, thank you for your support, and thank you for helping Notre Dame and the Ara Parseghian Medical Research Foundation move forward to a cure on the Road to Discovery.

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