Day 25: Orem to Delta, UT

Today’s ride started off very warm, bright, and early at 4:00 a.m.  The ride was flat for the first third, all up hill for the second third, and downhill into Delta for the final third.  It was the best ride ever!  The conditions were just ideal and if there was ever a perfect day for riding, today was the day. The scenery in Utah is so beautiful—I can’t stop taking about it.

Day 25I was able to meet up with Stephanie, my former administrative assistant who worked in the College of Science for three years. Stephanie and her husband Matt, a law school alumnus, moved back to Utah about a year ago. They just had a new baby named Madelyn Grace.   Madelyn was sporting a Notre Dame baby outfit this particular day. It was great to see them.

The Notre Dame Club of Utah hosted us for an event. Our ride schedule was a day ahead of the event schedule, so after we ended in Delta, we drove back to the event in Salt Lake City.  Many students joined us including those from Utah, students in the area who are working on Summer Service Learning Projects, and even many incoming freshman. Everyone signed the van and we had a great night!  Thank you Salt Lake City!

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