Day 29: South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, CA

Today was an incredible day of riding. I had several riders join me today—Bruce from Development, as well as Tom and Scott, both Notre Dame Law alumni.

Well, the way out of Tahoe is up, up and up.  We climbed and climbed to the summit of Echo. At the top was a spectacular view where we could look back and see Lake Tahoe.


Then the decent came. We descended more than 10,000 feet today.  It was mostly downhill all the way to Sacramento.  Some of views on the way down were absolutely gorgeous.  It was great to ride with Tom, Bruce and Scott today.  They were such great company.  Thanks for joining me!

This evening we had a wonderful event with the Notre Dame Club of Sacramento at the Archdiocese of Sacramento.  Tonight’s event was a Universal Notre Dame (UND) Celebration as well as the annual student send-off.  Seven of the new freshmen coming to Notre Dame joined us this evening. The club was very interested in learning about the Parseghian family’s story and we had a great conversation.

Thank you so much Sacramento for all of your continued support.  It has been great visit you twice in the last few years!   Go Irish!

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  1.    Jenny Sullivan on June 25th, 2015

    We can’t wait to greet the #RoadtoDiscovery team in Silicon Valley tonight! Grateful for all of you and your determination!

  2.    Brian Bret on June 26th, 2015

    Thank you for join Sacramento Club for our UND Night and Student Sendoff on the 24th. Had a great time visiting w/ Greg, Renate, Sean, Stu, Scott. God Bless you on your travels and all you do for fighting for a cure for rare and neglected diseases! Go Irish!